Looking For the Perfect Web Hosting Service? Check Out These 3 Top Tips

How did you feel when you found the perfect neighborhood to live in and school your children? You felt terrific, I guess. The same feeling occurs when you find the right web hosting provider for your business website. However, with a ton of web hosting options today, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your website. But don't worry; we are going to highlight the 3 main tips for finding the right web host provider for your online business:       i. Reliability is the currency in web hosting This is a business, and a business that is not [...]

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Domain Name Registration: Top 3 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

In this day and age of cutthroat competition in the business environment, you can’t just pick any domain name you stumble across and register it. If you do that, the competition will get the best of you. You have to choose a domain name that is both meaningful and memorable. It should also give people an idea of what your business does. However, you may take the time to search for a domain name that has all those qualities, only to find that it’s already taken during domain name registration. That means you’ll go back to look for another name and [...]

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5 Advantages of Multiple Domain Hosting

Business owners are always hard at work to find solid opportunities to scale their businesses. When their businesses finally expand, they are faced with the task of conforming to the milestone. And most opt to create multiple websites to accommodate the traffic. But creating multiple websites is not a prudent course of action when faced with this situation because the whole process is time-consuming, energy-draining and costly. The easiest and cost-effective solution is to host your domain names in on a single server. This is called multiple domain hosting. Why multiple domain hosting? You ask. Well, here are the advantages of [...]

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