Once you have your mind set on taking your business online you will need a domain name. You can start by creating a store at an online marketplace which provides you a free domain extension but for those who want an identity of their own there is the option of buying your own domain name. Not only is does this give off a professional impression but it also make brand promotion an easier process.

Why is Domain Name Important?

Everlasting Online Address

The domain name lasts forever and it serves the purpose of helping people locate your business. Even if the business grows, the website template changes or you take on a new host the domain name will remain the same through all the changes your organization goes through.

Brand Awareness

The domain name is also a way to create awareness about your brand since every domain is unique and it helps customer remember the company. If the domain is not your own and is one hosted by let’s say Shopify, then it will be harder for visitors to remember the domain name.


Once you spent some money buying a domain name it will signal the visitors about the legitimacy of your business. They are more likely to trust your business and it also increases the sales conversions for a company. Media outlets are also comfortable writing about businesses that have an established domain name.

Rules for Creating a Memorable Domain Name

  1. The domain name should be short and easy to remember. It should not have words that are difficult to spell or pronounce.
  2. Avoid buying a domain name that is similar to your competitors because it could be violating a trademark and will cause confusion amongst customers.
  3. It is better to buy a dot come domain name since they are the top-level domains and are popular as well. However often times it is harder to find a domain name of your choice in dot come so the next best alternative would be to buy a domain name that is specific to a country such as dot co dot UK.
  4. The domain name should establish your brand and should be something that can still be relevant to your company even if you add more products and services once the company grows.
  5. You should select a domain name that is creative and combines two different words or adds a suffix or prefix to an existing word. You can even come up with a unique and new name for your brand given that it is catchy enough.

Buying a Domain Name

Once you have finalized the domain name you can follow a few simple steps to register your own domain name.

  1. Select a Domain Registrar

There are many registrars which can help you register for your domain name. You should ask around and find out which is the most reliable source for buying domain names.

  1. Whois

When someone registers for a domain name they have to enter their private information such as name, phone number and postal address. This information can be used by anyone since it is open to the public. However, certain domain registrars can let you hide the information free of cost.  Doing so makes the website appear untrustworthy to visitors and search engines though. If privacy is your concern, then you can provide the information for your business rather than your personal.

  1. Hosting

After registering you have to upload the website to the URL which has to be done through a separate process.